Turn based multiplayer Card Game

Hey Guys, I am new to this forum and first want to say Hello to everyone...

I have been working on a card game single player and a pass and play versions are finished,
I am now at the stage where I would like to introduce on line and lan multiplayer version..
In a single player version Player plays against 3 Ai players.
Whilst in pass and play, players in turns hand over a mouse to the next player.
To be honest even though I have been programming for years and making games I have no clue
How to introduce networking to my game.

What I am really trying to do is turn pass and play into wan/lan game…
Instead of players playing on the one computer and passing a mouse I would need to be able
Somehow to give access to some players what they can click or cant , and make sure they only have
Clickable cards in their turn…
Is there a good example for a card game or a turn based game ?
Can I create a Lan game with Photon?
I have a pun + if that matters…

Any advice on where to start and how to handle will be appreciated …

Thanks in advance


  • For Photon, we always use a dedicated server to handle the game and connect players. So for a lan game you would still need to run that server.

    You can have a look at Photon Bolt. It can connect to local hosts but also via internet. It's perfect for Steam games, e.g..

    You need to get an idea of how to sync game state in multiplayer "in general". We don't have a card game demo but you should be able to use our tutorials as abstract intro.

    This is the page to go:

    Switch to PUN or Bolt via the menu's top right selection.