UnityEngine.Application.version for LoadBalancingClient.AppVersion

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I hope this helps someone.

PROTIP: Be careful when using UnityEngine.Application.version.

I was testing my turnbased prototype on two different machines: a Win 10 machine and an OS X machine. The two clients were joining different default lobbies! Same exact code, different default lobbies.

This was because I was using Application.version as the value for LoadBalancingClient.AppVersion when setting up my client connection. Unity editor (5.3.3f1) on Win 10 it was outputting my app's version of 1.0 (expected), while the OS X editor (also 5.3.3f1) was outputting the Unity editor version of 5.3.3f1 (must be a bug). Therefore, the two clients were using different app versions, and were correctly sent to different lobbies.