Can't run demo load-balancing

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Hello, i'm new on Photon Realtime. And i want to make run demo-loadbalancing. But i have a bit of a problem with configuring the demo-loadbalancing. I've changed the AppId with the id provided on my dashboard. What else should i do in order to start the demo-loadbalancing? I get no input once i hit Run.


  • Did you click "Create Room"? The room name should be optional.
    Run this client at least 2 times to see how it syncs.
  • Bogdan90p
    edited March 2016
    Yes, i've clicked Create Room, and i've also typed a random name, but nothing happened. I tried to run it a for quite a while, on several computers but i wasn't able to create a room or make it connect to the server. Since i've tried on several computer i don't think that the problem is from my end. Please help me configure it properly!