general workflow with photon turnbased

I'm developing (in Unity) a game in which the social gaming is similar to games like "words with friends" or "draw something" or "hero academy". meaning you log in, you see all your current open games. you open a game, make a turn, and get back to all other games.

and my question about the general workflow about working with photon turnbased.
- do i need to have another server where i save all the 'non live' games? i'm sorry, its not so clear even after reading the documentation...
- went through the sdk and didnt find how i can "login" into photon and get all game-ID of games i'm a part of. i get that there are filters and such, but only to enter a specific game and not of getting a list.. so i figured i could save that games-ID list on local, and just search for each one every time i log in. but it seems weid, and i'm sure theres a better solution.
- is there any way i could 'admin manage' games? so i could see player names, games. actually i'm asking if I could see the database, it would help me understand better whats going on.

and just, if anyone could explain to me just the general idea of working this way, would be great. I'm sure is seems like a stupid question but I couldnt find a lot of intormation about turnbased gaming...