Server suddenly stopped working

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My server recently stopped working (today I believe, though it may have been a few days earlier). At first when I tried to start the service I was getting a crash, something mentioning dot net. I am wondering if an update has caused this? I went into the control panel, removed the service, readded it and restarted now the service appears to be running. However the client still does not connect and simply gets a timeout. Looking at the server logs I get the following error;
2412: 11:23:27.015 - CENetThreadPool::Process - Exception - ENetPeer::HandleIncomingCommands() - ENetPeer::HandleIncomingCommands()- Unexpected ENET_PROTOCOL_COMMAND type: 12 PeerId: 20183 Datagram: *****VARYING AMOUNT OF HEX NUMBERS ENDING IN VARYING AMOUNT OF ASCII*******

I have not changed my client code since it was working.
Any ideas?


  • "I am wondering if an update has caused this?"
    If you did an update, then it's very possible, yes. We have some changes between each revision in most cases.

    Is the error from the log "new"? I mean: did it happen when your clients now can't connect to the server anymore?
    Which versions are you using? Please post the filenames of server and client SDKs.
  • I didn't update netiher the server or the client code from you. I meant a windows update to dot net (?).
    Yes another line in the log, like the example I gave, appears each time I try to connect the client.

    The server is
    The client is win32 6.5.3
  • An update of the DotNet Framwork won't cause this.
    Are you using multiple threads in your client? Or react to key-input to call operations or Service()? You need to make sure the photon client is always accessed only by one thread.