Not able to connect?

I'm trying to connect to Photon Chat but cannot go beyond the "ConnectingToFrontEnd" state and after a while receive a timeout (only once received internal server error). Is there any issue with chat since I can connect to Photon Cloud and complete a game session without any issue. I'm suing C++ SDK v4.0.4.1 on iOS by the way.




  • Seems to be working now, probably a temporary issue on your servers.
  • We are affected by network issues in the EU region and are currently working with our hoster to resolve them. There was an outage of Photon Chat in the EU region last night, between 22:30 PM and 3:30 AM UTC, and another, shorter outage this morning.

    We are currently re-routing traffic for Chat EU to the Chat US region, to ensure that players are able to connect, but you might still see higher latency / higher disconnect rates.

    Please follow our twitter account for status updates:

    We'll let you know when everything is okay again.