2D Demo Troubleshooting - Robot Keeps Falling & Missing Script Fix [PUN v1.62]

Tobias admin
We just got a heads up that the 2D Demo in PUN v1.62 has a Missing Script issue.
The script that's missing is "OnJoinedInstantiate", which is a component that instantiates prefabs on join. In this case, it should instantiate the "Robot Kyle 2D" prefab from the package.

We will fix this in the next update. Meanwhile, have a look at this component screenshot, to fix things yourself.


  • If your character is stuck falling:

    The scene has a "Collider" object and it must be in layer "Ground".
    Add "Ground" to the layer list and select that for everything in Collider.

    Most likely layers don't get imported. I will try to fix this for PUN v1.63.