Are there tutorials for extending the LoadBalancing or LiteLobby servers?


There's a lot of awesome technology in the LoadBalancing server, but I am at a loss as to how to use it as a basis for my own authoritative game server.

Here's what I've done:

- I've read through the Getting Started, Tutorials, and many of the Reference pages (especially on Lite, LiteLobby, and LoadBalancing), in the documentation at
- I've gone through the project that uses Photon Server in the book Unity Multiplayer Games (although it, like the App From Scratch tutorial, does not extend Lite, LiteLobby, or LoadBalancing, but builds right off of Photon Networking)
- I've figured out how to compile, copy files for, configure, a project using the unmodified Load Balancing code (which was no small task).
- I see that the Photon Server SDK has a "MyApplication" example that extends Lite. (Thank heavens!)
- I see that there is a .chm file with the Photon Server detailing the Photon SocketServer, but it doesn't tell me *why* I would use any particular function or give me a broader view of how things interact. (There's also a doc for the MMO demo, which has a little bit of high level explanation).

Here is what I'm looking for:

All I really need is to know how to extend LoadBalancing (preferably; LiteLobby would be my second choice) such that I can create my own custom server application, and when I create a room, I simulate the game state in that room, updating at regular time intervals.

I feel like I'm missing something, as it isn't at all clear to me how I'd adapt the "App From Scratch" to build upon one of the more powerful frameworks.

Is there some applicable documentation or sample that I've missed? Are there any tutorials on extending these very powerful systems to base new servers on?



  • Hi @Arm,

    do you really need the power of LoadBalancing or are you looking out for a server framework in genereal wich gives you the tools do programm a custom server environment?