Server configuration choice help

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Hi all,

I am planning to change my dedicated server but i don't know what is the most important to run photon server smoothly ?
Do i have to have large amount of RAM or more CPU power ?
Let's assume that the server will run an MMO game with 100 cc players (at the beginnning) ...

Here are some configurations i'm considering :
- ... r410.xhtml
- ... x-qc.xhtml
- ... r210.xhtml

I'll choose to use windows server windows 2003 standard.
or does windows web server 2008 64 bits is ok ? what is the main difference between web server and standard edition vs photoncontrol ?

Can i make the server an authoritative server if i choose the web server edition of windows 2008 ?

Does the MMO framework consider the server as an authoritative server ?

thanks for your help



  • The Windows Web Server 64 bit is actually the best option. The features of the more expensive Windows 2008 versions are not needed.
    Make sure to install the DotNet Runtime 4.

    If you need more ram or cpu depends on your game. This will only be revealed by load tests. Photon itself will use minimal resources, so you have both, CPU and RAM for your game.

    The MMO Demo is not authoritative, although it replicates the states of items on the server side and you could check and correct those as needed.
  • Hi thanks a lot for your answer !
    I definitely will recomment Photon !

    have a nice day