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We plan Bolt releases every 2 to 4 weeks - and only if there are relevant updates:
- Download:
- Release History:

If you have the old Bolt Asset or bought using PayPal see this thread for migration:

Make sure the raise your issues (with a repro case).

This thread somewhat is the continuation from


  • Is the source code access cut off with v.
  • Version was just released.

    Fixed: Entities getting frozen on clients after 10 seconds.
    Fixed: Int compression not being applied.
    Fixed: Delay on Zeus session list request after re-connecting.
    Fixed: ZeusDisconnected callback not being invoked if Zeus times out.

    Upcoming is today: This wil include a RELEASE build

    Next is Features planned in Github:
  • T_Schm said:

    Is the source code access cut off with v.

  • Is there a way for us to access previous versions of Bolt? Say... 4.3.4 comes out and entities are freezing, which is kind of a major thing, or say some other bug was found that is a deal breaker (disconnect token missing was the 4.3.0 one for me...) and now we just upgraded and we're too stupid to keep our project in some versioning software (may be the case for some/many)... how would we get a previous version? Just email support with our invoice number?

  • Yukichu said:

    Is there a way for us to access previous versions of Bolt?

    Not planned for now, You need to keep old version in your repository.

  • Is there a way to view upcoming features other than GitHub for those without source code access?
  • Also, is there no release version available for
  • @Wizzard
    - currently no feature preview, sorry
    - please have a look in the bolt-release folder of the asset
  • Thanks! I missed that the first time around somehow.
  • Version was just released.

    Fixed: Issue causing servers to disconnect from Zeus after a specific interval was resolved.
  • 3 weeks without an update have passed in your promising bi-weekly schedule without any kind on comment. Is there any status update?
  • ^^ Been wondering the same.
  • Nothing more to say than: We work on the next update and it is delayed.
  • Version was just released.

    Changed: Improved the performance of SetDynamic and GetDynamic substantially.
    Changed: Added proper error reporting to SetDynamic if property queried for does not exist.
    Changed: Deprecated NetworkTransform.SetTransforms, see: IState.SetTransforms and NetworkTransform.ChangeTransforms.
    Changed: Any errors thrown inside Bolt will now always be logged to unitys Debug.LogException no matter if Bolt is in debug mode or if you have 'Unity' logging enbled in Bolt.
    Changed: BoltNetwork.Destroy can now be used when Bolt is not running, it will simply destroy the object normally using Unity's GameObject.Destroy.

    Added: TrySetDynamic and TryGetDynamic that does not log errors if properties dont exists, but instead return a bool true/false.
    Added: Added IState.SetTransforms to replace NetworkTransform.SetTransforms, this new methods works around the issue of position snapping for entities when their position updates are delayed.
    Added: NetworkTransform.ChangeTransform to replace the previous NetworkTransform.SetTransforms for changing the transform target for interpolation after it's been set once.
    Added: IState.ForceTransform that lets you over-write all currently received position and rotation values of a transform completely, this is usefull for working around issue #242 when loosing control of an entity and its position will snap back, you can now force it to stay at the correct location in world until proper position updates arrive.
    Added: Bolt.EntityTargets.OnlyControllerAndOwner event target.
    Added: BoltEntity.isControlled property.
    Added: BoltEntityExtensions which contains extensions method for IsAttached, IsOwner, IsControlled, IsSceneObject, IsFrozen and HasControl the methods properly handle the case where Bolt is not running, the entity is null or detached without throwing exceptions.

    Fixed: GitHub Issue #224 (see: IState.SetTransforms, NetworkTransform.ChangeTransform)
    Fixed: GitHub Issue #243
    Fixed: GitHub Issue #259
  • This is great! I need to explore what SetDynamic and GetDynamic do.
  • The current version is the Release version by default. The package includes the package for the release build. Even though i have not used that und installed the default package it says it would be the Release version and some features are disabled (because it is the release build)

    Others confirmed this issue. Hotfix needed.
    In addition, would be nice to have the BoltInit.cs changed, so it does work again when used.
    Code for a new BoltInit.cs is created by @stanchion and can be found here:
  • Expect hotfix tomorrow
  • Any chance these fixes will be pushed to the Github repo?
  • Github is always updated soon after a new Bolt version
  • So went to use Bolt last week and found the situation that T_Schm posted. Came here and saw that a hotfix would be available soon... (See stanchion mod "tomorrow" comment) yet no updates on the asset store? (I waited so long to post due to Unity asset store lag times).

    Any timing on the update? I'm a previous Github access user, however, that is for the older version (I can currently see version
  • Another 2,5 weeks without a hotfix. The latest version is not usable at all, when you do not have a working debug version of Bolt. In addition, the next update was scheduled for last week. The amount of active user is decreasing, most of the experienced user just do not care about any updates anymore, since they feel that the new updates are not worth their name.
    What is going on? What about your "biweekly" update schedule? May it have to be changed?
    And why does it take so long to just release an unity package with a proper debug version of bolt?

    an active Bolt member, since aug 14..
  • v0.4.3.8 from the asset store is useless for development due to lack of a debug version. Is Bolt dead again?
  • For Fholm some things have come up and he and his family have gotten very sick. We want to be back to full speed on Bolt asap
  • Good to know hope all is well with him and his family soon.
  • We finally got some new stuff and released v0.4.3.9 today.
    Family is more or less fine again. Things normalize. Thanks for your patience and passion.


    Fixed: Bolt will no longer call methods on disabled scripts
    Fixed: Bolt will now default to the new Zeus development master server
    Fixed: A couple of entity settings were missing from the new UI, they are now back
    Fixed: Spelling error in the bolt settings window
    Fixed: Bolt will now automatically save the current scene when you click "edit" in Bolt Scenes
    Added: You can now select replication mode + mecanim mode when importing a mecanim state
    Added: Added .isControllerOrOwner to BoltEntity

  • Finally, we're sure all IL2CPP compile issues are fixed. Bolt should be iOS compatible again.
    Get it in the Asset Store.

    Fixed: IL2CPP, relevant to iOS and tvOS
    Fixed: BoltInit.cs was out of date

    Added: MainMenu scene with BoltInit.cs included with package
  • Changed in this post: "We plan Bolt releases every 2 to 4 weeks - and only if there are relevant updates". We have other side projects with Bolt (Steam, PS4, XB1 etc.) that we work on.
  • I just submitted this to the Asset Store:

    Fixed: Zeus punchthough issue resolved
    Changed: Removed Pro dependency for async level loading
    Added: API for adding C# delegates as event callbacks
  • Beta
    Fixed: Bolt Scenes errors due to Unity 5.3
    Fixed: UPNP Button
    Fixed: Control tokens
    Fixed: Help button doc links
    Added: Check to make sure you have installed for the current Bolt you are using
  • Any updates on the Steam / Matchmaking?
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