rUDP implementation for Flash SDK

Hello everybody,

Currently I am working on a ios/android game based on Adobe AIR (Flash runtime / AS3 code). As server team decided to use photon realtime server, we imported Photon Flash SDK into our client application project. After a brief lookup into SDK's implementation, I've noticed that I can only use TCP socket for connection and AMF3 serialization for payload, which is good enough, unless my client required me to use UDP(eNet) for first line of communication.

I know there are UDP (DatagramSocket class) implementation in AS3 API, and I can write a wrapper for eNet rUDP implementation, but I am not sure it would work or not. Does the server support rUDP/AMF3 combination, if I set the magic byte to 0xFB(251) ? Anybody tried Photon rUDP with Flash runtime?