Random Error

From time to time I keep getting the following error.

"BoltException: You can't access any Bolt specific methods or properties on an entity which is detached"

Unfortunately, the error does not tell you which entity or where it is being called from. The error also seems to disappear and reappear randomly.

I was wondering if there is a way to find out what is causing this error so I can debug it or if there is a simple solution to eliminate it.

As far as the Bolt Console goes the only thing that happens around the same time is

"Behaviour is already registered in the dispatcher, ignoring call to Add."

This also does not provide any information of the specific behaviour causing the problem.

I hope in the future Bolt will provide more information on what is causing errors since when you have a lot of objects it takes a long time to check all of them.


  • Thanks for the feedback.
    Those errors could definitely use more info about their source. Should be relatively easy to add!
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