Marmalade client bug

edited July 2011 in Photon Server

I try send from server operation response on join like this

here operation parametr
 [ResponseParameter(Code = (byte)IndigoLobbyParameterKeys.CurrentGames, IsOptional = true)]
        public Hashtable CurrentGames { get; set; }
          Hashtable t = new Hashtable();
          t[0] = null;
          joinOperation.CurrentGames = t;
          OperationResponse response = joinOperation.GetOperationResponse(0, "OK");
           this.PublishJoinEvent(peer, joinOperation);

and my client never get back an operation response! no errors or warnings - forever joining. This also appear if hashtbale has any null field.


  • Null-parameters are a very new feature, which is currently only implemented clientside in our .NET clients. The native clients, including Marmalade, will have this feature added soon (my estimation is, some time in August).
    Unsupported datatypes are currently only resulting in debugoutput in the native Clients. This is a known limitation and changing it is on the todo-list.
    So, for now please do not use null-parameters, sorry.