protection against flooding attacks

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Hey guys,

does photon include some sort of protection against flooding attacks or do I have to wrap my head around it and come
up with an own solution? Will it even have impact if a client constantly sends "wrong" operationRequests to the server? I'd like to prevent that
somehow from the start.




  • We have a few checks for correctness of a message. If these fail, the client will be disconnected.

    If the messages are correct, we don't know how much traffic is normal game traffic and where flooding starts. This could be done in software by you and there are hardware solutions.
  • alright thank you tobias, I will take a look at it.
  • Sebako I would be interested in your finding :)

    Such subjects would be a perfect fit for an "Exit Wiki" !
  • It will take some time as I am busy with other stuff at the moment.
    But a wiki might be nice, Tobias? Have you thought about setting up a media wiki for the community to create own pages with information/short code snippets or page wise tutorials and may attach it to the developers network page?
  • So far, we didn't think about a community wiki but the idea is good.
    We're working on the webpage and some projects at the moment, so I can't promise anything yet.

    Should I add a "Code Sharing" forum in the mean time? That's next to no effort.
  • Sound good to me. Some place to share code snippets is always good to have.
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