JoinRandomRoom Errors handling

JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭

Lately I started to have these 2 types of errors from time to time when trying to join a random game :
Join random room failed for: '' Code: -3 Msg: Unknown operation code 225


Join random room failed for: '' Code: -3 Msg: Unkown actorNr 2

How to handle such errors ?


  • Hi John,

    1) the "Unknown operation code 225" issue - can you reproduce this?
    225 is OpJoinRandom which is only used when making calls to the Master.
    It seams for some reason its being used in the calls to the GameServer
    which shouldn't happen. The LoadbalancingClient should take care of that.

    2) the "Unkown actorNr" issue - we support two ways of rejoin.
    One where only the userid is used and one where the actornr can be sent for instance when UserChecks are off (in realtime games for instance - to allow a quick reconnect). I assume the sending of the actornr in your case doesn't make sense ...
    Same as above shouldn't happen.
    Unless you are setting the actornr ...

    If the problem persists - it might make sense to send us more details on what exactly you do
    [email protected].
  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Philip,

    How to reproduce :
    Since I'm still having the problem of rejoining the same room with AsyncRandomLobby (cf topic1, topic2) here is what I'm doing exactly :
    Call OpJoinRandom ==> NoRoomFound ==> Create one [and leave it open and visible for opponent to join]
    [Without "leaving the room"/"disconnecting from GameServer"] Call OpJoinRandom one more time and here the operation fails with one of the two errors.
    Then Call OpJoinRandom again to find myself in the same Room !
  • Thanks John

    We'll have a look.