A Few Chat Questions

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I looked all around and I couldn't find anything to help me solve my question so this is my last resort.

1. I was wondering if there was a way to send a message OnUnsubscribe ?

When you connect to the room and the chat, it shows that you joined "Username has joined!"
How can I implement a "Username has left/disconnected!" ? I tried with the Disconnect and OnUnsubscribed functions and couldn't figure it out.

2. I also see that you can allow rich text in the Chat tabs, can you do the same for the chat input? I would like it if different people could use different colors.

3. Is there any way to make the text copy-paste friendly? Or at the very least, to make hyperlinks interactable.

That should be all I have to ask for now. Thank you! ;)


  • 1. it may say that you Joined, but can't say that some one else joined. There is no support for this yet. so, you can't implement this

    2 and 3 are totaly up to you. this client code which you may change as you like and may add features you like
  • Could you maybe be more specific on all the questions??
  • 1. you can't implement this.
    2 we provide chat api and some sample how to use it. we are not going to implement in this demo all possible features, especially thoose which are bound to user interface. You may and should do it your self.

    3. same as 2.
  • ok, thank you!
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