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Has anyone got the Photon Server to run and connect on different Ports? I am trying to get it running on port 443 (yes, I am aware that is the SSL port).

Here are the steps I did:

1) Went to the directory ExitGames-Photon-Server-SDK_v2-4-7\deploy\bin_Win32_xp and opened up "PhotonServer.config"
2) Where it states Port = 5055, changed that to 443 in all locations
3) In Unity, changed the Port to connect to 443
4) Turned off the web server IIS
5) Turned off the firewall on the server
6) Ran PhotonControl.exe

If I go back to steps 2 and 3, and change it to other ports, such as 1234 or 64000, same issue. Changing them both back to 5055 works.



  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    Can you please post the log file?
  • matrix211v1
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    Here they are!
  • The Photon-Instance1...log shows a "Invalid message format" request which in plain text includes: "<policy-file-request/>". This looks like you try to pre-fetch the crossdomain policy file from the 443 port. On this port, Photon expects the game communication already (which is a different binary format).
    The policy requests are expected on TCP port 843 by default. The log confirms this setup:
    Adding TCP Policy listener on : 843 with a listen backlog of: 150 and routing to application: "Policy"

    When you use webplayers and change the default port, you also need to adjust the policy file. You can change them in:
    Add the port 443 here, too.
    In the source of the policy app, the policy files are here:

    Hope this helps. Most likely that's it.
  • That was it! Thanks for the help!