Get Players' UserId from LoadBalancingClient

JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
I want to get the Room's players' UserIds from the LoadBalancingAPI and not from the webhooks requests' body. The Player class does not expose the UserId as opposed to the ActorId (player index/number in the room "not zero based") and Name (which may be userd as a fallback UserId if the latter is not explicitly set).

Do I need to add it as a CustomActorProperties key/value ? In that case how to get the LocalPlayer's UserId ?


  • Currently, we only use the userID for the Custom Authentication. We are not entirely sure if it's always a good idea to send it around to the others for security reasons. It might be at least the login for some service. At the moment we don't send it but you can. You could set a Custom Property per player to share this key-value easily.

    The value is entirely in your hands and where you get it, depends on the account service you use.