Support for J2ME and Blackberry

I might have missed this in your documentation, but do you have support or plan to add support for J2ME and blackberry clients?

If not, will you support an attempt by a third party developer in developing such a client?



  • Kaiserludi
    We already have a J2ME-Client (as you can see in category "previous releases" in the download-area). Actually it has been our main-client some time ago, but the demand for J2ME-Clients dropped to nearly nothing in the past years and as we are a small company, we concentrate on keeping up to date the client-platforms, people ask for. Please write at developer at I am sure, we can provide you with an up to date Java2ME-Client.
    Blackberry: Currently this is not a supported platform, so we definitely could not provide an SDK for it this week, but please write to the mail-addy, provided above, about it, too.
  • We wrote to developer at, but don't get reply. We need J2ME client, please tell me where can I download? and Photon still support J2ME?
  • Tobias
    We do not support J2ME actively anymore with Photon.

    Blackberry should be able to run the libraries included in the Android SDK. Download the Android SDK and ignore the demos and Android related things (or just use them as reference how to work with the Java API).
    The .jar should work independently but I can't guarantee. Let us know if problems arise.
  • Can you send me Android SDK java source code, I try to port to j2me, I think it work.