Authoritative server on Photon Cloud

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Hi there,

I want to try such an strategy to create authoritative server with Photon Cloud:
Run for example 3 instances of master clients with server logic, each of them should create rooms "server1", "server2", "server3". To start game session, every client should connect to one of these rooms and provide authorization info(name & password). Further interaction will be like master clients acts like authoritative servers controlling all game logic. The only way to hack this system i see at the moment is to try to create server rooms from clients when some server for some reasons will be offline. Any thoughts on other ways to hack such a system?


  • You should use Custom Authentication to identify if a user has a valid account with you (or your service of choice). You should not send it in a room. If someone creates a client that pretends to be your master client, it will get everyone's passwords.

    If your game really needs the security of a authoritative server, then please use Photon Server, write custom logic and host it yourself.
    If you don't need the security, then please just make every client check in-game events and report potential hacks to some DB.
    At the moment, we don't support kick or reporting but we try to add it.
  • Thanks for clarification, Tobias..