Issues Connecting

So I've set up the Photon-Client Android app on my HTC Desire Z.

Whenever I attempt to connect the connection just times out.

Any ideas what might be going on?


  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    I assume you started the server, opened firewall, etc?
  • Are you able to connect on the local connection test client? It may also be possible that you have an issue with your router like I have where I can't use my outside IP from within my local wireless network. Try turning off the WiFi for the device and use the cellular network to see if you can connect then.
  • Hey guys my friend notified me of the issue. It turns out that the server URL hard coded in the android example is not correct.

    The IP in the android app code is:

    When is should be:

    Just a heads up!
  • Argh. That's my bad (and local network IP).
    Thanks for pointing this out.

    By the way: You should always try to use your own instances of Photon. Our us running for some demos but by far not guaranteed to be available. We often take it down, update and change stuff on this machine.