New Project, Considering PUN

I'm working on a new project, and I'm interested in learning more about what PUN can do. To be honest, the documentation at ... /pun-intro is a little advertising focused, and I'm having a hard time really digging into what the limitations of PUN are.

To be short, I'm looking to develop an authoritative-server based game (4-6 players per game), using my own hardware. What is PUN providing for this type of setup? My understanding at this point is matchmaking and improved SDK for working with networking in Unity. Our team is considering multiple options, but a lot of data or articles I see online are years old. A few random questions to see if anyone has experience in this area:

Can we use Unity Physics with PUN? How resource intensive is it to run an authoritative server using a dedicated Unity game client/build as the server? Does unity have a lot of overheard when it builds projects?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


  • In theory you can use physics with PUN but to be honest it would be quite some work.
    PUN does not act as host. You could build a batch-mode version that should run with Photon on a dedicated machine. How much overhead this is, depends on your game, scene, Unity version and probably a lot more. You will need to load test this.

    Are you talking about physics (like in rigidbody) or about collision detection (like it bullet-hit-player)?

    Making a server authoritative is a lot of work and is more complicated than just running a Unity instance on some server. You need to make sure servers are also updated with the clients. Scenes need to be the same, etc.

    If you can, try to get away with client-side cheat checks! You can make every client do sanity checks and if you build a community and have user accounts, you could even flag individual suspicious users and ban them or whatever. This is some work but far less than running physics and levels on the server.

    I know there are reasons to do physics on the server. Unless you have to, I would avoid it, though.
    Let us know what you plan.