Confused about multi-server mmo games

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I want to make a mmo. It will be one massive world with thousands of players. The world will be divided in areas-cubes and all the players in each area will be processed by a different room.

Obviously this game will have to use more than one server but I don't understand how this is done.

So, if i buy two amazon ec2 instance servers, each server will handle some rooms/areas of the game. Ideally, the game will be able to scale to hundreds of servers around the world.

Is this possible with Photon ?
If so, what program is distributing the rooms per server ?
What is the "Cloud PowerUp" and where can i find more info about it ?

There is absolutely no info in the manual, as to what happens as soon as a game need a second server.


  • Of course it is possible to run multiple Photon Servers and let each handle a certain portion of your game and a number of rooms. In our experience, each game is vastly different from others when it comes spreading it over multiple machines.
    We provide a server-to-server API, which lets you realize any cooperation you like between servers.

    The "Cloud PowerUp" is a framework to distribute room-based games across multiple servers, do matchmaking and join any room by name. Most of it's source is available to our customers - but only on request. We would like to know a bit about your company and the project you are going to realize, to make sure the Cloud PowerUp matches your needs. Please mail us to our "developer" address to get in touch.