Two photon inctances

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Is it possible to run two photon instances on one server machine? I am asking this because i would like to be able to run release version for clients to play and at the same time be able to try out new features in the debug.
And another small question, what happens when server exceeds the number of connections (due to license) and a client wants to connect? Is he simply cut out or there is handle method available?


  • Tobias
    Yes, it is possible to run two instances on one machine. You need to assign another server listening port and name the instance (default: "instance1") differently. This can be done within photonsocketserver.xml. The PhotonControl does fully support it, so you would need to adjust the .cmd files (for service install, start and such) to the new instance name as well.

    When the number of concurrent connections is reached, the server immediately sends a disconnect with reason "limit reached". The client libs have a separate status callback value for this. We think about a "growing" license which would accept more players but must be upgraded when the limit is surpassed. But currently this is just a vague idea.