Maximum photonviews?


Im about to start working on the survival mode for my fps and im still not sure if that is too much or not.

Its basically the masterclient who spawns around 20-30 photonview monsters.
Is that too much data? Or could i reduce the amount of updates per seconds to 3-4 for the monsters only, so i can still have the standard 10/sec for the main photonview?



  • You will have to experiment a bit. It's good you are aware of this but there are so many factors which affect this and we didn't want to define a maximum that always works (and thus is the lowest common value).
    You can try to sync NPCs by sending "target positions" and simulate the movement between those locally. This uses a lot fewer updates than position synchronization. With lower update rate, this could be more accurate, still.
    If you don't add anything to the PhotonStream in OnPhotonSerializeView(), then you effectively skip the update. This way, you can reduce the load, too.