User often disconnect from the server...

I'm using photon cloud to do a 3D Moba game. Players can join or create a room to play a team-based game with maximum other 7 player, means that each team could be up to 4 players. (4 v.s.4)

We tested several different matches to make sure the game will be successfully executed under any situation. But we finally found a serious problem about disconnection. The game runs perfectly only in the situation that the room contains up to 4 players(2 v.s 2). If there are more players, it would have big chance to drop down someone during the game.

We spent lots of time to manage this problem. We originally thought it could be the "Allbuffered" RPC in the game cause this problem, so we changed lots of RPC to be the "All" RPC if it doesnt need to be "Allbuffered" to save the buffer. Unfortunately, It makes no different.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you.


  • Sorry for the late reply.

    You are right: At some point, clients might be overwhelmed by the amount of live or buffered messages and might not be able to join properly.
    This depends on many factors: Network, client, execution speed for events, buffering of events, amount and size of "life" events while joining and even more.
    We didn't want to build-in fixed limits but this makes it a bit harder to find the sweet spot, if you got a lot to sync.

    Could you debug where/when the additional clients fail to join? Do they get into the room and then fail or do they fail after getting lots of events or what happens?
    Do you load a level when you get into a room or do you do that before?
    How many messages/sec do you sync? Do you use RPCs and the PhotonView observe options?