Photon webhooks turnbased waws project is incompatible

Hi i am new for the Photon Turnbases. I just updated my Microsoft visual studio express 2013 for window desktop and try the Photon turnbased simple code. When i run on visual studio it pop out this message:

this project is incompatible.

i online search this kind of problem but haven't solved my problem.

Please help me if someone know how to solve this problem. Thanks

i using window 7 professional with Microsoft visual studio express 2013.


  • You cut the error message. Did you follow the link in it?
    We didn't create a Photon.Turnbased.sln. Where did you get this? Unity?
    You might want to look up if Unity is compatible with VS2013 Express.
  • ... based.waws

    I downloaded from here. i click Photon.Turnbased.csproj also having same problem

    I followed those step:
    Run it locally
    1)Open the sample running Visual Studio as administrator and build the project (admin privileges are required because a virtual directory is used).
    2)Option 1: Azure Storage, web.config <add key="DataAccess" value="Azure"/>

    i just started first step then facing the problem(yes, i had open as administrator)

    If my link is wrong, can show the correct link? thanks
  • Hello,
    which version of Visual Studio Express are you using:
    Express 2013 for Web
    Express 2013 for Windows
    Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
    Team Foundation Server 2013 Express

    I tested the setup with Express 2013 for Web and Windows 7 professional.
    Step 1 open Express as administrator
    Step 2 open the project and in this case I gave it permission to use IIS Express.
  • Hi, sorry for late reply.

    I am using window 7 pro and Visual studio 2013 desktop

    Yes i did open with administrator. But still cannot working

    I will try on web version and see is working or not, thanks :D
  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    From my own experience, I had to install the optional Web Developer Tools for VS Community 2k13.