Need to understand simple multiplayer game idea


I am new to photon and networking in general

And i would like photon to add multiplayer into my next game

I have already buy pun+

My idea is very simple

The game is all about score

I want make room with 2 players only

Both play the normal offline mode

But the only thing i want it to share the score fir each

For example

The first one get 1000 score win the match

Thats it ,, good if I can add rematch option after ends

I hope someone will help me to start ...

Best regards


  • You should use our matchmaking and 2 player "Rooms". In the room, you send nothing but the score (when it changed or only at the end).
    Photon and the server don't mind whatever score you send. If your clients send an RPC "score" or "new round", you just have to get your clients do the right thing.

    In best case, you start with the Marco Polo Tutorial. While it does not exactly do what you want, you learn the basics about getting players in rooms and how to use RPCs. You can use that to start your game later on. ... marco-polo
  • Sounds good

    Good to hear its not hard to do

    I will start,, on it ,, and i hope getting it to work