Breaking update of Chat Server and Client

Tobias admin
edited June 2014 in Photon Chat
Hello Everyone,

I am writing to let you know that we are working on an update of the Chat Beta Service for early next week.
We usually try to keep things compatible but in this case we are going to fix an issue in the workflow between client and server.
This means: Older clients will stop working.

We will provide new SDKs on our Chat download page next week.
The API changes for your games will be minor:

Subscribe and Unsubscribe workflow changed. You now don't have to wait for a response to a Subscribe before you send the next.
SendPrivateMessage has a variant with encryption.
MsgId is gone. We get the past X messages when joining a channel. Default: 0.
ChatClient.FrontendServer is new.
ChatClient.NameServerAddress was ChatServerAddress.


  • I know that service is in beta phase... but what about games in production?
    PhotonChat will refuse connections from old sdk versions or it will not work correctly?
    It's possible to implement new sdk before server changes?

  • Sadly, this change is really a breaking one for existing clients, so they connect but won't work correctly anymore.

    We will avoid this kind of update in the future. We run the Photon Cloud for 2 years now and have a lot of experience of handling updates but in this case with the beta, we decided it's way less effort to have this breaking change early on than running multiple versions, etc.

    Which SDK are you using? We can make the new one available for advance implementation here. I could send private messages with test servers and AppIDs. We just can't make them permanent.
  • FYI: We will update the Chat servers and release the new Chat SDKs in the next hour or two.
  • We now completed the server update and the new SDKs are also available.

    Let us know if anything is not doing as expected.
    Thanks for your patience.