Having autoCleanUpPlayerObjects issue in 1.25.3

after upgrade PUN from 1.24 to 1.25.3 I am loosing left players objects for autoCleanUpPlayerObjects = false;

Just master - the one who called CreateRoom with roomOptions.cleanupCacheOnLeave = false; -
keeps PUN objects of left users.
Any other joined users destroys PUN objects on left player.

This CreateRoom comment is no more valid:
/// PhotonNetwork.autoCleanUpPlayerObjects will become this room's autoCleanUp property and that's used by all clients that join this room.

To solve the issue each player has to set
PhotonNetwork.autoCleanUpPlayerObjects = false;
before JoinRoom/JoinRandomRoom is called.

Is it bug or feature?


  • By design, 'Create' set this value per room and even if 'Join' would try to re-set this value, the server would ignore that.
    Are you saying the GameObjects are removed from the server and new players don't get them?
    Or are the clients that are in the room having a wrong autoCleanUp value (not the one the master set for this room)?

    I'll check the code, as we changed things in that version and there is a possibility this got broken.
  • I think I found it.
    In the Room constructor, you can change how autoCleanUpField is initialized:
    this.autoCleanUpField = false; // defaults to false, unless set to true when room gets created.

    The room's property which sets this value, is only set when it's "true". If not set, the autoCleanUp should be false but in the update I set it with your local settings.
    I actually expected that every client has the same PhotonNetwork.autoCleanUpPlayerObjects value from the start. I don't understand the scenario where it is useful to have clients not setup to do this and some who would clean up.
    Anyways. That's just the background why it happened.

    Please fix in your code. I will include it in the next update.
    Sorry for the confusion this caused!