Some questions about local Server

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My local FPS game (no browsing game) is very simple:
1. A Player can join or create a local server (game)
2. Other internet-players can see the opened games/rooms and join the game

How can I do that with photon? I'm using Unity.

- How can the client players get the IP Numbers from other local Server IP's ?
- How can I send my Internet IP Adress to the clients ?

What is the easiest way for this ?


  • dreamora
    Photon is not this kind of a library. its targeted at central servers you host, you can't hand out servers to your end users
  • thanks, I need a dedicated server for photon ? Then I let run PhotonControl.exe on this server ?
  • dreamora
    Dedicated or virtual dedicated yes.

    And yes you would run photoncontrol normally (which under the hood starts the socketserver with all configured photon applications)
  • thanks,

    could I host own selfmade home masterserver (using dyndns) ? Would this work for fast connections ?
  • gnoblin
    dyndns+port forwarding setup correctly (if I am not mistaken :D )
  • dreamora
    dyndns / no-ip org would work yes with correct router - firewall settings.

    But there is no such thing as "fast connections" at home normally as you sit in 0.5 - 5mbit normally at home which is very far away from "fast".

    But depending on your game its possible for 8 - 50 - 100 concurrent users.

    And the computer running the server has to run 24/7
  • thanks gnoblin & dreamora. I'll try it. Perhaps I'll buy a cheap server for my WIP-game when the game is finished.