trying to make room list while in lobby

trying to make a room list that a player can choose from while waiting in the lobby, however run across two problems:

1st) when creating a room list, the player automatically joins one
2nd) after reading docs to prevent ^^ above, i found: ... -and-lobby

however the example it uses:
string[] roomPropsInLobby = { "map", "ai" };
Hashtable customRoomProperties = new Hashtable() { { "map", 1 } };
CreateRoom(roomName, true, true, 4, customRoomProperties, roomPropsInLobby);

gives me an error: "The type or namespace name `Hashtable' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"

basically my idea was to create a new default lobby "room" if no others existed, and from there create the remaining rooms from an array that contains their string names, then allow the player to choose a room from within the lobby, but how do i do that without first connecting to a room or preventing the error above which would have otherwise shown a room list prior to joining, no?


  • Try
    This way you are using the correct namespace. Also ensure your script has 'using Photon;' at the top.
  • thank you. i had been using a modified version of the workerdemo.cs script, so i am not sure why that didn't already have the "using Photon" in it, but yah, that should have been obvious. :-p thanks again!

    i have since just made a new loading scene where the room name/scene can be selected prior to loading the lobby and then passed into the photon networking system. seemed the easiest at the time.
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