will there be an android client?

Hi, is there any plan to have a client support on Android? I can't find it yet on the document.


  • It is already supported for quite some time. Which document do you mean?
  • I got it. Thanks. I just can't see anything android related before I registered a Photon account. However, if I cannot determine whether you support android or not, I was histate to register for an account. And in this board of this forum, there is no post about android.

    I will try to make the sample running firstly.
  • The page about our mobile features doesn't require a login. It looks a lot more like iOS than Android but we support both:
  • I am really interested in developing for the android market and the partnership with open feint is really useful. Though I would still plan how I could fully use the multi player capability of the module. I am just starting with my first project and it sill surely be worth my time. Having the C backbone is really helpful as I am already very familiar with the language.
  • i think .Net application works on Android. Therefore you can use .Net framework.

    Thank you
  • MonoDroid indeed works as does Unity

    But generaly there is no C# / .net for android, no free one at least