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I am a developer from China mainland. When I start Photon server, it automatically shutdown itself in a few seconds. Log shows "4328: 13:13:02.078 - Shutdown request from PhotonHostRuntime: On startup, license monitor must be available / reachable".

I did some research and found license monitor is on Google App Engine. This Google service/site is block by China government for a few months. Without using some proxy or vpn, it's impossible to reach your license monitor. I think this is the reason that I cannot use free license to start Photon server.

It's highly unlikely that the block will be lifted any time soon, so I am asking is there any possible walk around for this issue.
1. Is it possible to config Photon server use ssh or vpn to connect to license monitor?
2. Is it possible to config Photon server to check a backup license monitor not using google or other blocked service?
3. Is there a none floating free license so Photon server do not need to check the license monitor?

I know this is not really your fault, but I can only ask your help, in the real world. Please tell me if you have any solution for this problem and I will be highly appreciated.

And sorry for my poor English.


  • Boris
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    We will try to figure out a solution as soon as possible.
  • Boris
    In the meantime you can email us at to get a temporary license that does not require the license montor.
  • My 30days temporary license is not expired yet, but we need to decide to use photon or not for the project before it starts.
    I really like Photon and hope you can solve this. Thanks for your fast reply.
  • Tobias
    We can always create an IP locked license where needed. Those won't require the monitor at all but might be problematic if you're going to scale your hosting with some cloud service.

    An alternative monitor server is also possible.
    Please mail us and we can extend the trial when needed while we solve the problem for you.
  • Minevr
    I also encountered the same problem.

    Now I just want to test...
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  • bertelmonster2k
    If you have this issue - please drop us an email to