MasterClient not receiving PhotonTargets.AllBufferedViaServe

I have a level loader that I am porting over from UnityNetworking. It uses a buffered RPC call to tell clients (including itself) about the current level and prefix. This is sent by the MasterClient on level selection.

photonView.RPC("OnLevelLoad", PhotonTargets.AllBufferedViaServer, level.SceneId, LevelPrefix);

I have also tried

photonView.RPC("OnLevelLoad", PhotonTargets.AllBuffered, level.SceneId, LevelPrefix);

I am only testing on the MasterClient right now. The master client is not receiving the RPC. This RPC is listed in the Photon Resource's RPC list.


  • Figured it out. In Options there is a customRoomPropertiesForLobby property,
  • Good to read you found it.
    You can set a property (or 2, including the prefix) or use PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel (which doesn't support prefix).
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