ExitGames namespaces

edited February 2011 in Photon Server
The Lite application (along with others) uses a variety of classes from the "ExitGames" namespace, e.g. those defined in:
    using ExitGames.Concurrency.Fibers; using ExitGames.Diagnostics.Counter; using ExitGames.Diagnostics.Monitoring; using ExitGames.Logging; using ExitGames.Logging.Log4Net;

Are these classes documented somewhere?



  • Not really..

    - ExitGames.Concurrency is retlang (http://code.google.com/p/retlang/) with a few minor changes.
    - ExitGames.Logging is a simple logging facade
    - ExitGames.Logging.Log4Net places log4net as logging framework behind the logging facade
    - ExitGames.Diagnostics.Counter contains in memory counters that are meant to behave similar to the windows counters
    - ExitGames.Diagnostics.Monitoring publishes and receives the in memory counters over the network