cloud to self hosted LAN server

I am adding an option to switch the connection to the local server

so if i understand i dont have to change RFC and other network code but only use a new connect function

[code2=csharp]public virtual void Update()
if (ConnectInUpdate && AutoConnect)
Debug.Log("Update() was called by Unity. Scene is loaded. Let's connect to the Photon Master Server. Calling: PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings();");

ConnectInUpdate = false;
if (LanConnect && AutoConnect)
Debug.Log("Photon is trying to connect on a local lan server;");

LanConnect = false;



this would work for lan right ?
how i m supposed to find the appVersion?


  • This seems about right.
    You can ignore the AppId for the self-hosted servers. While the Cloud hosts a lot of games, we assume only one game will access a server. AppId and GameVersion don't have any effect on the Server.

    Here is the summary of differences between Cloud and running the Server on premise: ... se-or-saas
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