VikingDemo - Network Interpolated Transform

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Hi Everybody.

I have recently approached Photon Network, appreciating its power and simplicity.
In order to have a better understanding of the whole plugin I have gone through its tutorial and demos.
In particular, I have focused my attention on the Viking Demo.

However, there is a script "NetworkInterpolatedTransform.cs", contained in the folder RigidbodyTest which seems not to be used nor attached to any object in the scene.

I am craving to be able to implement this code (which I know it is based on the Source Engine) in order to have the smoothest online experience possible, especially for the fast pace game I am working on.
At the moment the Viking Demo is using a sort of "naive" interpolation, with its "ThirdPersonNetworkVik.cs" observed by the Photon view attached to the Character prefab.
I was wondering how I could use this script ( "NetworkInterpolatedTransform.cs") in the demo, also for comparing it with the other interpolation, the "naive" one.



  • I don't remember where this script comes from and why it's in the Vikings package. Most likely it's not directly compatible and we used another, simpler script.
    At the moment, we don't have the time to check out other scripts.

    Maybe someone else around here might help. It becomes more likely if you explain why you can't use it right now.
  • Ciao everyone.

    I thought that the way to implement this script (NetworkInterpolatedTransform.cs) was simply to replace it with the "ThirdPersonNetworkVik.cs" as the observed script in the Photon view attached to the Character prefab.

    However the result is something really really buggy, with the viking simply rolling on the map..

    It is a shame because this script should get rid of the "mushy" effect that sometimes happen with the simple interpolation.

    Does anyone have successfully implemented the NetworkInterpolatedTransform.cs script?

    Big reward to the winner..