PUN+ iOS crashes with memory management

With Unity 4.3.3 we are getting some crashes seemingly related to memory management in PUN+ on a range of iOS devices. Don't have symbolicated log right now, so it looks like this. Any ideas how to fix it?

Two logs:

0x0171fdb8 _ZN4FMOD17HistoryBufferPool13getMemoryUsedEPNS_13MemoryTrackerE
0x017c1e08 _ZN4FMOD17HistoryBufferPool13getMemoryUsedEPNS_13MemoryTrackerE
0x012dc46c _ZN9ExitGames6Common16MemoryManagement8Internal17MemoryPoolManagerD2Ev


libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x38acf1fc __pthread_kill + 8
libsystem_c.dylib 0x38a8002d abort + 77
libsystem_c.dylib 0x38a5fc6b __assert_rtn + 183
0x0117ee65 _ZN9ExitGames6Common16MemoryManagement13allocateArrayIcEEPT_m
0x0117f307 _ZN9ExitGames6Common16MemoryManagement13allocateArrayIcEEPT_m
0x0117c249 _ZN9ExitGames6Common16MemoryManagement15deallocateArrayIhEEvPKT_
0x0117fb47 _ZN9ExitGames6Common16MemoryManagement8Internal17MemoryPoolManagerD2Ev
0x01178521 0x00004000 + 18302241
0x01178507 0x00004000 + 18302215
0x00585b68 0x00004000 + 5774184
0x0100b560 0x00004000 + 16807264
0x0171fdb8 _ZN4FMOD17HistoryBufferPool13getMemoryUsedEPNS_13MemoryTrackerE


  • Ups. Sorry for the late reply! I did mean to answer much earlier.
    Do you still have the issue?

    I just released PUN+ v1.25 and it has at least one fix for a similar (memory) case. The change list is really big, so make sure to read that before importing the new version in your project.

    In the end, this seems to be a problem of Unity on iOS. It might be something we can (or should) avoid doing and I am happy to change our code but I don't know what might be wrong in the first place.
    Let me know if you found out anything and if I can help. This time, I'm quicker.
  • Hey Tobias,

    In the second case we've found the problem - double PhotonServer.Instance.Initialize call always crashes the app. Not sure about the first crash, cause it went away after some refactoring.
  • "double PhotonServer.Instance.Initialize call always crashes the app"
    What does that method call? It's not one of our, if i recall correctly?
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