Unable to compile for Android

Hi everyone !

I've just bought your PUN+ plugin and tested some things in the standard Unity Editor / Windows Client for testing what i am doing. Everything is Ok in theses modes.
However, i'm unable to compile my game anymore on Android, because i'm having this error :
Assets/Photon Unity Networking Plus/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs(155,44): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `SocketUdpNativeDynamic' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

If i try to copy/paste the type SocketUdpNativeDynamic outside the #if, it has no coloration, as if the type was not found.
Is something missing in my Package ? I'm using the last version of your product.

I'm using Unity Pro 4.3.4f1, with a Android Pro licence too.

Thanks !

EDIT : Doh ! Just seen that there is an Unity 4.3 and Android sticky in this forum ! I will see it, maybe my problem is solved in this topic ? I will delete this topic if this is the case.

RE-EDIT : Nop, my error is not related by the things said in the sticky post. Also, i don't actually use the last version of the Android SDK (Maybe version 19 or 20 of the SDK). Does it affect something ? What can i try to do ?

Thanks again :) !


  • Uh, it's bad to read there is another issue with export.
    I am quite sure it's not the Android SDK. I didn't update mine in a while either.
    I will have to check Unity 4.3.4 asap. Maybe it's an issue there (like the one in 4.3.2).

    I don't know anything about your project.
    Can you reproduce the issue when you import PUN+ into a new, empty project, don't change anything and export that?
  • Ok, i will try this when home :) !

    However, as i said in the WP8 Topic today, i've removed the JSON.NET DLL of my project, because i was having one already (JSON.NET for Unity with AOT support). Can it affect your library in some manners ?
  • Removing our json dll will not affect the exported player.
  • Finally got it working !

    It seem that my Plugins folder was having the DLL's from the Free version, and Photon Unity Networking was from PUN+.

    To be clean, i've made an automatic asset move at build, when i have to switch between the the Free version (for WP8) and the PUN+ Version.

    It's now working on Android. It crash on WP8 however, must figure out why, but i will update the info on the WP8 thread i think.