Intelligent Race Driver System and photon

Has anybody integrated photon with this system?

To add a new player I need to call this function but it wants the game object prefab and so does PhotonNetwork.Instantiate. So I am stuck. Do I need to use photonView.RPC function?

iRDS function from doc:
public IRDSCarControllerAI AddNewPlayerCar(Object car, IRDSOtherPlayers controls, string driverName): This is a non-static method, you need to get the instance of the IRDSPlaceCars class, just call this method and pass the variables indicated on the method, the first variable is the car prefab that is on the resources folder or any other but that have all the IRDS scripts on the car, the second is player settings, you need to create your own IRDSOtherPlayers instance and set the parameters there, or you can use one of the instances already on the levelload object (IRDSLevelLoadVariables), and the last one is the name of the driver.


thanks for any comments. :?


  • IRDS looks awesome but I never used it myself.
    We can't really support other packages, except when they have some interest to cooperate and integrate Photon. Aside from this case, the effort is too much, to keep up with all the packages.

    In best case, you learn how to use PUN without IRDS first, then try to integrate it. ... o_Tutorial
    Maybe you also find someone doing something similar in the IRDS forum (if there is any).
  • Thanks for the reply. Developer is good enough to create another function call to create car so I can pass on to photoninstantiate. Going to try it soon.