Workaround for v2.4.4. start issues (with floating licenses)

Tobias admin
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We just found out that there is an issue with the Photon SDK v2.4.4 and DotNet 2.0 runtimes.

- Server won't start and in PhotonClr.log you will find: "Did not reach license monitor."
- Alternatively: the PhotonClr.log is lacking the output, only datetime and class info is put into a single line

Due to the renaming of the config (PhotonSocketServer.xml to .config), the DotNet 2.0 runtime expects this file to be a DotNet config. Which it isn't. The web request that's used to reach the license monitor relies on the config and tries to load it, which then crashes the request.

DotNet 4.0 does not have this issue. Either it understands that the config is not for DotNet or it does not lookup PhotonSocketServer.config as fallback.

This usually happens on machines without DotNet 4 (like Amazon hosted machines without newer installs).
The license monitor is working as expected and can be reached at any time!

You can save the attached PhotonSocketServer.exe.config next to PhotonSocketServer.exe. The file is an "empty" configuration and the web request will work again. Photon starts.

Last but not least: We will create an updated SDK and upload it.
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