Photon good job!

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I am so excited for Photon Chat and Photon Turn based! It is great to see Photon moving forward, and making the lives of developers so much easier. !


  • Thanks!
    We will try to get a Chat Early Access out this week. Turnbased will follow when we feel it is good enough to try.
  • I agree- great to see the turnbased product. I am really curious about it- glad you recognized the need for that as the realtime cloud product was really not a good match for turn-based and async social games.

    I am pretty far along developing Chickie Dominos v3 using Photon Server, so will just stay the course. Depending on when the turnbased product is released, and what it looks like :D
  • I agree, I am also excited for Photon Chat and Photon Turn based!