Can't able to Load scene?


After connecting successfully. I tried to jump another scene that will make all the clients loads the game scene. and starts play.
But, After clients and all are connected. Master client have that control to trigger and enter everyone in the room into Game scene.
If I presses the Play button it will hang the unity and browser(Currently i am building for web player).

I don't know why this happens?

I am loading the scenes via PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel(SceneName);

Can anyone faces this kind of problem or help me to proceed in the right way. .

Here is the code after clicked play button:

[code2=csharp]void AddEventListener()
this.photonView.RPC("sendtoAll",PhotonTargets.All, "loadScene");

void loadScene()
PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel("Name of Scene");


  • PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel is already syncing the loaded level. Just call this on the Master Client and forget about the RPC.
    Make sure to set PhotonNetwork.autoSync = true somewhere before you connect.
  • I tried that too. Calling PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel(sceneName); at the button click event.
    It also crashes unity.
    Here is the code: Same as above.

    void AddEventListener()
    // I checked that PhotonNetwork.AutomaticallyAsyncScene is true at the time in this menu.
    I tried run WebPlayer build as Master Client (It Only has Play Button). After I clicked play button it hangs. and crashes. Screenshot is attached.
    Note: Play Button will be activated to the MasterClient. If More then one player in the room.


    What could I do now? :?: :?
  • Is that possible to load Scenes After PhotonNetwork.Instantiate().
    Because I am stuck in this part.?????
  • Yes, it's possible to load scenes anytime. PUN does not restrict you when you load scenes.
    It sounds more like a general issue loading the scene. So far, many developers used our LoadLevel method without issues.