Communicating to Particular Client. .


Finally Communication part is working fine. Now I Have New doubts.

1. While creating group as MasterClient. It has the details like PlayerName, Character Choosen, etc.
But, If another clinet joins the particular room will not get those details and it will not shown in Player List.
Example: In My Scenario, Creating room will Instantiate Prefab for Communication. On that only i will save the data of Playername and characterChoosen. But Joining to that room will instantiate another prefab. that doesn't contain Master Client details. So, It shows only client name.

2. It is possible to Send/Communicate data to Particular Client. If Server Chooses some character that should not be selected by any other client. For that I need to send the popup for the particular client. How could i do that ? ? :?:

3. I tried Using PhotonTargets.AllBuffered & PhotonTargets.OthersBuffered. But When i try to join that room. will skips Character selection page. and get in to Playerlist page that shows Only Server. I can't add the details of server.


  • You can send messages to single users or a list of users, once they joined. There is a RPC() overload that takes an array of actornumbers (the player.ID).

    I don't know what you try to achieve exactly.
    I think you could use player custom properties to set any values you want and get them synced. Who can or cannot set something in the GUI is up to you, actually.
    Maybe you should try to get more used to the concept of the Master Client.
    I know you read it maybe several times before but the Marco Polo Tutorial might help still: ... -tutorials