Can't create a new account or recover password

Having a lot of issues trying to register a new account. I think it's recorded my email address but failed to take me onto the next step. I have not received an email verification and when I try to recover password it takes me to an error page saying the appropriate people have been notified of the error.

Help, I want to try out Photon but can't make an account!


  • I have seen the exact same problem with the registration of a new account.
  • The problem should be resolved by now. Please use the recover password page to confirm and use your accounts.
    Sorry for any inconveniences.
  • Problem still present. If you try to recover password you will end up with 404-Page Not found
  • Hi,
    unfortunately, there has been a new issue with the latest site update. Fixed now.
    Thanks for pointing out.

    Please use the forgot password function to get your verification/login link by email.