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In our game engine we have 2 types of "messages": game object states (UDP, unreliable) and events (UDP, reliable).

Is there any guarantee on the delivery ordering of these messages?

On a particular scenario (object creation), i'd like to send an EVENT (reliable) to notify other clients that an object should be created, followed by a stream of STATES (unreliable) to notify on state changes for that object.

My question is - can i rely on the event to be delivered before states will be delivered? is there such a guarantee?



  • Yes, that guarantee is in place as long as your send messages that depend on each other in the same channel.

    For further information, please have a look into the client doc in "Overview" -> "Photon" ->"Fragmentation and Channels", paragraph "Sequencing".
  • do they have to be on the same channel?
    I thought of placing events (reliable) on a lower channel (0) with states (unreliable) on a higher channel (1 maybe).

    I will read the doc you mentioned, Thanks.
  • One of the core concepts of channels in Photon is that the order is only guaranteed within the same channel so that one can send unrelated messages on a different channel to make sure that for example ingame messages do not have to wait for the repeat of a chat-message that got lost, so yes, they have to be on the same channel, otherwise you do not longer have any guarantee that a certain event will always arrive before the states that depend on it.
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