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Hey everyone!
We are about to release a new package: "Photon Unity Networking Plus" or short "PUN+".
It will be a paid package which has two main benefits:
  • Export Photon Unity Networking games to Android and iOS with Unity Free
  • Get a 100 CCU lifetime subscription of the Photon Cloud

We want to make sure it works for you and on your devices, so we are looking for a small group of developers (you!) willing to try it and give feedback. This is a voluntary thing (obviously) but you can make sure the final package includes what you need. Also you might begin development early with this.

Of course to apply, you should have some Android and iOS devices to export to. Let us know which, in your application.

Please apply here:
https://groups.google.com/a/exitgames.c ... un-plus-ea

Thanks to anyone who's interested.


  • Hmm, the link isn't working for me. :(

    Anyone else having the same issue?
  • I fixed the link. It got truncated by the forum and I re-submitted it without noticing...
  • If we use our own server, is there any benefit to this package?
  • If we use our own server, is there any benefit to this package?
    The bullet point "Export Photon Unity Networking games to Android and iOS with Unity Free" is still valid in that case. With the standard PUN package you will need the pro versions of Unity, when you want to target iOS and/or Android.

    When running your own server you may not have an immediate use for the 100 CCU lifetime subscription of the Photon Cloud, but hey, it's a lifetime one, maybe you can use it for a future project of yours.
  • I don't want to rush you guys, just to ask, how long (in days) you need to make it available for public use. And about how much it will cost.
  • It will cost ~$100 and not only contain the Unity Free compatibility. You also get one free Photon Cloud subscription upgraded to 100ccu.
    It will be out in October.
  • Hello Tobias,

    I just purchased PUN Plus through the Unity Asset Store ($95 USD), and after importing it, can't find any instructions about how to access my 100 CCU life-time cloud license.

    I already have a Photon account, with the free 20 CCU option. I must have missed some instructions somewhere. How do we retrieve our 100 CCU license, and how to we associate that with our existing Photon account??

  • Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the purchase.
    You find the instructions in the readme.txt file. I just looked that up and it's not cleverly named as "Subscriptions bought in Asset Store". I will update that.
    Basically, you just mail to [email protected]. Send your name, Asset Store invoice ID (or however that's called exactly) and the Photon Cloud AppID (the one from the 20 CCU free account you want to update) and we do the rest.
    It might take a few hours as we update the accounts manually.
  • When do you plan to release Photon Chat?

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