Getting a lot of error 1040

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I've not experienced it myself, but other developers here have noticed that they will occasionally have long periods of "error 1040". The error goes away after a while, but we're wondering what would happen when we go live.

I don't think we hit our user limit, the dash says we have only ever hit 19, and today (during which one dev had the 1040 error for about 20 minutes) we seem to have only ever been as high as 14 concurrent online accounts.


  • Hi.

    1040 is ExitGames::Photon::StatusCode::TIMEOUT_DISCONNECT, which is specified along with all other possible status codes in Photon-cpp/inc/Enums/StatusCode.h

    It means that the client has tried to reach the server for several seconds without getting any response (if you have not changed those values through the PhotonPeer API, the client will retry sending a message, for which it has not received a server side acknowledgement in time, for up to 5 times and up to 10 seconds before triggering a timeout disconnect).

    Today our eu cloud region master server has been down for about 15 minutes between 2pm and 3pm GMT. That is likely the cause for that error in your today's case.
  • You can try to pick another server region. Check out which one gives you the best ping:
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