Marmalade Windows Phone lib

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since Marmalade now includes Windows Phone 8 support. Will we get the librarys to build Marmalade Apps with Photon?

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  • Hi Jannik.

    We have not yet looked into that topic. Thanks for the hint.

    Does one actually need to provide extra binaries for Windows Phone?
    That would be surprising as it's not needed for any other platform that's supported by Marmalade. It has always been one binary per architecture: one for ARM, one for MIPS, etc., but an iOS and an Android arm device both just run the same arm binary.
  • Hi,

    Marmalade creates extra librarys for Windows Phone 8. Also the Windows Phone SDK must be used for deployment (not the "normal" Visual Studio). Its just a few weeks that Windows Phone support got out of beta status.

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